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Christmas Trees and the Evergreen State

WSU Press invited Kevin Zobrist, forest specialist and author of our new book, Native Trees of Western Washington: A Photographic Guide, to write a guest blog on Christmas trees and the Evergreen State.

Several western Washington native tree species—particularly Douglas-fir, grand fir, and noble fir—have a national reputation as quality Christmas trees. » More …

Contagious Marketing

There was a fascinating article in New York Magazine a week or so ago about why certain videos go viral. Of the 100 hours of video posted to YouTube every minute, only a very few get more than 500 views. Of those few, a tiny fraction get millions of views. Why?

It actually takes some pretty heavy scientific and statistical lifting to give some weight to an answer that seems like common sense. The answer, in a nutshell, is emotion or, as the scientists prefer, physiological arousal. » More …

We Love “Spiffy”

Annie Zack, in the Puget Sound Business Journal, called our medical education website “spiffy.”

Sure, we do spiffy! More than that, though, we do strategy really well, right along with excellent user experiences, site architectures, writing, and yes, design.

The next time you need a “spiffy” website, hit us up (click that spiffy crimson Contact Our Marketing Consultants button) and let’s talk and discover the best way forward with your project.

A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

U Comm Video Services spent two days on the Terrell Mall during passing periods asking students to help say “Thank You” to WSU donors. Students shared their personal messages of thanks with grace and generosity. Some were shy and needed a little prodding, some knew exactly what they wanted to say once the cameras began rolling.

The concept for the video was developed in meetings with the WSU Foundation, and U Comm video producer Adam Wallberg did a masterful job of bringing the concept to life. For a 66 second piece, we feel it packs a powerful, heartfelt message. Check it out…

What do Washington State University and the International Space Station have in common?

We’re celebrating National University Press week with a question: What do Washington State University and the International Space Station have in common?

In case you haven’t heard, it’s National University Press Week. Although they rarely become national bestsellers, university press titles play an important role in the research behind many literary and nonfiction successes. We selected seven: The Big Burn; Daring Young Men; Fast Food Nation; Flu; Nothing Like It In the World; Snow Falling on Cedars; and The Worst Hard Time. The books on this short list contain citations from 33 different academic publishers, including WSU Press. » More …