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Email is the #1 activity on smartphones and tablets, according to Pew Research. University Marketing and Communications writes and designs emails that captivate readers on the full range of devices.

Why are you emailing me? If you can’t tell me in six words what you need me to do, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to guess.” Seth Godin, best-selling author

compose Copywriting

A strong subject line is key to getting your message opened. We write enticing subject lines, then pay them off with messages that do three things:

  • Tell readers what’s in it for them
  • Deliver a clear call to action
  • Make it easy for readers to take the next steps

To accommodate smartphone viewing, we keep messages succinct. Subheads make takeaway ideas clear at a glance.

crop Design

Emails designed by University Marketing and Communications fanned out
University Marketing and Communications designers make it easy for recipients to read your emails and act upon them. They address factors like these:

  • Readability on different platforms, from mobile devices on up
  • Readability when images are turned off, since many email programs turn off images by default
  • Design that anticipates review panes, which reveal limited message content
  • Visibility of important conversion links that you need your readers to click

navigateleft navigateright Programming

email programmingYour message could be viewed on a variety of different email clients. University Marketing and Communications programmers ensure that the layout, fonts, colors, and hyperlinks stay consistent across them all.

send Email Sends

email stats screen
The Crimson Communiqué email distribution service sends bulk emails on behalf of WSU faculty and staff. Internal communications are sent to lists of faculty, staff, and students. External communications are sent to the list you provide. The service provides the following:

  • List management. We check your list of recipients’ email addresses for accuracy before sending. Plus, we give recipients the ability to opt out, a critical step for maintaining their trust.
  • Testing. We test your message before sending to verify that it will render properly on multiple email clients.
  • 24/7 send times. To give your message the best shot at getting opened, we can send it any day of the week, at any time.
  • Analytics. We let you track how many recipients open your message and what they click once they’re in.
You can get started now with your finished html file or contact our marketing consultants at for help creating your e-communication.