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WSU zip codes

WSU zip codes

The address for each University department contains a unique 4-digit delivery code. It appears in two places:

  • As the last 4 digits of the PO Box number
  • As the 4-digit extended zip code

For example, the address for Washington State Magazine, which has a campus delivery code of 1227, looks like this: PO Box 641227, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1227.

LocationZip Code
Student and Hourly Employment Office1012
Human Relations and Diversity1013
Student Affairs, Office of1013
Dean of Students1013
Human Resource Services1014
Human Relations and Educational Services1018
Purchasing Services1020
Human Rights, Center for1022
Benefit Services1024
Payroll Services1024
Controller’s Office1025
Travel Services1025
General Accounting1025
Sponsored Programs Services1025
Accounts Payable1025
Copy Center, French Ad1026
Graduate School1030
Attorney General, Office of1031
Veterans’ Affairs1035
Registrar, Office of the1035
Summer Session1035
Faculty Senate1038
University Receivables1039
Cashier’s Office1039
WSU Today1040
News Service, WSU1040
University Relations1040
Budget Office1041
Institutional Research1043
Finance and Administration1045
Vice President Business Affairs1045
Provost and Academic Vice President, Office of1046
Vice President Information Systems1047
President’s Office1048
Research Advancement and Partnerships1060
Intellectual Property Administration, Office of1060
Research, Office of1060
Commercialization, Office of1060
Research Operations and Support, Office of1060
Academic Success and Career Center1061
McNair Achievement Program1062
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)1062
PreNursing Advising1063
Student Support Services (TRiO)1064
Student Advising and Learning Center1064
Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Assessment, and Prevention Svcs.1065
Student Conduct, Office of1066
Vice President Student Affairs 1066
Re-entry Program1066
Admissions, Office of1067
Student Financial Services1068
Scholarship Services, Office of1069
New Student Programs1070
Public Safety (Fire, Police)1072
Police Department, WSU1072
Steam Plant1074
Energy Plant1074
Motor Pool1075
Plant Services1075
Recycling, University1101
Waste Management1101
General Storage1101
Surplus Stores1101
Materials and Resources Management1101
Receiving and Delivery 1120
Central Receiving1120
Creamery 1122
Facilities Development1150
Capital Planning and Development1150
Facilities Services — Operations 1150
Food Services1162
Housing and Dining Maintenance1162
Campus Veterinarian, Office of1165
Environmental Health and Safety, Department of1172
University Stores1190
Internal Audit, Office of1221
Information Technology Services1222
Procedures, Records, and Forms, Office of1225
Marketing Communications, Office of1227
University Communications (IT Building)1227
Washington State Magazine1227
Nuclear Radiation Center1300
Radiation Safety Office1302
Kinesiology and Leisure Studies, Department of1410
Spokane, WSU at1495
Football Operations Building1615
Athletics Ticket Office1625
Tri-Cities, WSU at1671
Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum1710
Housing and Dining Financial Services1722
Residence Life1724
Housing Services1726
Regents Dining Center1730
Social and Economic Sciences Research Center Public Opinion Lab1801
Research and Technology Park, WSU1802
Government Relations1802
Research and Technology Park1802
Composite Materials and Engineering Center1806
University Recreation1830
Visitor Center, Brelsford WSU 1912
WSU Foundation1925
University Advancement1925
Advancement Services (WSU Foundation)1927
Honors College2012
Interior Design, Department of2020
High School Equivalency Program2101
Eclipse Alternative High School Program2102
Western Journal of Black Studies2103
Heritage House2103
Brain Education Library2112
Education, College of2114
Teaching and Learning, Department of2132
Educational Leadership, Sport Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology, Dept. of2136
Education, College of, Office of Recruitment and Retention2152
Architecture Library2210
Architecture and Construction Management, School of2220
Design and Construction, School of2220
Student Health Center2302
Health and Wellness Services2302
Access Center2322
Counseling and Testing Services2333
Enterprise Systems Group2341
Speech and Hearing Sciences, Dept. of2420
General Studies, College of Arts and Sciences2421
Theatre Program2432
Performing Arts2432
Daily Evergreen2510
Student Media, Office of2510
Chinook Yearbook2510
Student Publications2510
Communication, Edward R. Murrow College of2520
Radio-Television Services2530
Murrow Student Services2530
Educational Telecommunications and Technology2530
Wash. Higher Educ. Telecommunication Sys. (WHETS)2530
Foreign Languages and Cultures, Department of2610
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association2610
Arts and Sciences, College of, Administrative Office2630
Liberal Arts, College of2630
Materials Research, Center for2711
Engineering and Architecture, College of, Undergraduate Programs and Student Services2713
Engineering and Architecture, College of2714
Engineering and Architecture Business and Finance2718
Multiphase Environmental Research, Center for2719
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of2752
CDADIC (Center for Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits)2780
Engineering and Technology Management, Program in2785
Technical Services (College of Arts and Sciences)2801
Environment, School of the2812
Geology, Department of2812
Physics and Astronomy, Department of2814
Astronomy Program2814
Shock Physics, Institute for2816
Laboratory for Atmospheric Research2910
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of2910
Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Dept. of2920
Environmental Education, Center for3003
Research Assurances, Office of3005
Observatory (Jewett)3113
Mathematics, Department of3113
Statistics, Program in3144
Owen Science and Engineering Library3200
Intensive American Language Center3251
Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)3341
Central Production Unit3432
Child Care Resource and Referral3454
Children’s Center, WSU3454
Basic Medical Sciences Program (WWAMI)3510
Sciences, College of3520
Sciences Advising (Premed., Predent., and Prevet.)3524
Liberal Arts Development3528
Ombudsman, University4002
Women’s Resource Center4005
Women’s Studies Program4007
Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies4007
Comparative Ethnic Studies, Department of4010
Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies, Department of4010
American Studies Program4013
Wilson-Short Service Center4013
Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC)4014
Sociology, Department of4020
Asia Program4030
History, Department of4030
Disability Resource Center4122
Wellness Programs4134
Electron Microscopy Center4210
Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center4210
Integrated Biotechnology, Center for4231
Microbiology, Program in4233
Genetics and Cell Biology, Program in4234
Bioanalytical Center4235
Biology, Program in4235
Arts and Sciences, College of4235
Zoology, Program in4236
Connor Museum of Zoology4236
Biological Sciences, School of4236
Science Math. Engineering Education Center (SMEEC)4237
Science Learning Instructional Center (SLIC)4237
Botany, Program in4238
Ownbey Herbarium4309
Environmental Sci. and Regional Planning, Department of4430
Environmental Research Center4430
General Education4519
Undergraduate Education, Office of4519
Writing Program4530
Undergraduate Research, Office of4532
Assessment of Teaching and Learning, Office of4550
Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Center for4550
Health Professions Student Center4551
Materials Science, Program in4620
Chemistry, Department of4630
Biochemistry and Biophysics, Program in4660
Business, Carson College Graduate Programs 4710
Accounting, Department of4729
Marketing and International Business, Department of4730
Hospitality Business Management4736
International Business Institute4740
Economics, Department of4741
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship, Department of4743
Finance and Management Science, Department of4746
Business, Carson College of4750
Psychology, Department of4820
Psychology Clinic4820
Arts and Sciences, College of, Social Sciences Division4841
Entrepreneurial Studies, Center for4851
Small Business Development Center (SBDC)4851
Human Development, Department of4852
Real Estate Research, Washington Center for4861
Criminal Justice and Criminology, Department of4872
Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, Department of4880
Political Science, Department of4880
Anthropology, Department of4910
English, Department of5020
ESQ, Poe Studies5020
Linguistics Program5020
Military Science (Army ROTC)5040
Army ROTC5040
International Programs Global Services5110
International Programs5121
Religious Studies Program5130
Governmental Studies and Services, Division of5131
Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service5136
Naval Science ROTC5206
WSU Online Administrative Services5210
Extended University Services5210
Extended Degree Programs5220
Global Campus, WSU5220
Conference Management5222
Nursing, College of, Spokane5291
Music, School of5300
Transportation Services5500
Parking Services5500
Diversity Education5501
Academic Media Services5604
Instructional Support Services5604
Libraries, WSU5610
Holland Library5610
Photography Services5610
Wood Materials and Engrineering Lab.5815
Water Research Center5825
Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach (CEREO)5825
University Publishing, WSU Press5910
University Communications (Cooper Publications Building)5910
Copyright Office5910
WSU Press5910
Copy Services (CougarCopies)5910
Mailing Services5910
Cooperative Extension Services Bulletins Office5912
Extension Publishing5912
Plant Growth Facilities6003
Dining Services6005
Biological Systems Engineering, Department of6120
Alumni Relations6150
Alumni Association6150
Call a Coug Telemarketing6155
Agricultural and Resource Economics, Department of6210
Economic Sciences, School of6210
Plant Materials Center6211
IMPACT Center6214
United States Department of Agriculture6221
USDA Administration6221
CAHNRS Alumni and Friends6228
Agriculture and Home Economics Alumni and Development6228
Center to Bridge the Digital Divide6229
Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Center for6230
Partnership for Rural Improvement6230
Cooperative Extension Services6230
CAHNRS Computing and Web Resources6234
Agricultural Research Center6240
CAHNRS Business and FInance6241
Agriculture and Home Economics Business and Finance Office6241
CAHNRS (College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences)6242
Agriculture and Home Economics, College of6242
Agriculture and Home Economics Academic Programs6243
Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership6243
Agriculture and Home Economics Information Department6244
Agriculture and Home Economics Cashier’s Office6247
Agricultural Business6247
Dairy Center6310
Animal Sciences, Department of6310
Biological Chemistry, Institute of (IBC)6340
Animal Science Nutrition6351
Animal Sciences Physiology6353
Animal Reproduction6353
Nutrition, Graduate Program in6376
Food Science, School of6376
Entomology, Department of6382
Clark Hall Business Center6384
Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe6392
USDA Western Wheat Quality Laboratory6394
Western Wheat Quality Laboratory6394
USDA Plant Germplasm Introduction and Testing6402
Plant Introduction Unit, USDA6402
Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles, Department of6406
Extension Natural Resources6410
Natural Resource Sciences, Department of6410
Horticulture, Department of6414
USDA Wheat Genetics, Quality, Physiology and Disease6420
Crop and Soil Sciences, Department of6420
Seed Technology Laboratory6420
Seed House6420
USDA Land Management and Water Conservation6421
Land Management and Water Conservation Research Unit6421
Johnson Business Center6424
Plant Pathology, Department of6430
USDA Root Disease and Biological Control Research6430
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Grain Legume Genetics & Physiology Research Unit6434
USDA Grain Legume Genetics and Physiology Research6434
Rotunda Dining Center6450
Pharmacy, College of6510
Health Sciences Library6512
Animal Health Library6512
Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, Voiland School of6515
Neuroscience, Program in6520
Veterinary and Comparative Anatomy, Pharm., and Phys.6520
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program6530
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of6534
Pharmacology/Toxicology Graduate Program6534
Veterinary Clinical Sciences6610
USDA Animal Disease Research Unit6630
Animal Disease Research Unit6630
Pharmacotherapy, Department of6710
People-Pet Partnership7010
Veterinary Medicine, College of7010
Veterinary Medicine, College of, Admissions 7012
Biomedical Communications Unit (BCU)7013
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)7034
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology7040
Veterinary Teaching Hospital7060
Global Animal Health, Allen School of7090
Central Stores7100
Fischer Agricultural Sciences Library7150
Chicana/o Latina/o Student Center (Compton Union Building)7204
International Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Student Involvement (Compton Union Building)7204
Associated Students of Washington State University (ASWSU)7204
Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Middle Eastern Student Association (Compton Union Building)7204
African American Student Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Student Legal Services (Compton Union Building)7204
Native American Student Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Compton Union Building (CUB)7204
Community Service Learning Center7204
Leadership Programs7204
Student Veteran Services (Compton Union Building)7204
Multicultural Student Services, Office of (Compton Union Building)7204
Civic Engagement, Center for (Compton Union Building)7204
Academic Enrichment Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Muslim Student Association (Compton Union Building)7204
Greek Council (Compton Union Building)7204
Smart Start Program (Compton Union Building)7204
KZUU Radio (Compton Union Building)7204
Graduate and Professional Student Association7204
Golf Course7204
Outdoor Recreation Center7204
Residence Hall Association (Compton Union Building)7204
Gender Identity Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Intramural Sports Office7204
Union Marketing (Compton Union Building)7204
Cougar Express Mail (Compton Union Building)7204
CougarCopies (Compton Union Building)7204
CougarCard Center (Compton Union Building)7204
Student Entertainment Board (Compton Union Building)7204
Fraternity and Sorority Life, Center for (Compton Union Building)7204
Multicultural Retention and Student Centers7206
Students Book Corporation (The Bookie)7207
Fire Services7300
Fine Arts, Department of7450
Museum of Art7460
Molecular Biosciences, School of7520
Reproductive Biology, Center for7521
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience, Department of7620
Vancouver, WSU at9600