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WSU Editorial Style Guide

Consult Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary or for spelling, hyphenation, and word breaks.

American spellings should be used (rather than British spellings).

  • advisor, not adviser
  • alumna/alumnae; alumnus/alumni
    • The terms “alum” or “alums” may be appropriate for some contexts, for instance, when used in more informal communications.
  • catalog, not catalogue
  • classwork, not class work
  • course work, not coursework
  • emerita/emeritae; emeritus/emeriti
  • curriculum vitae (singular) and curricula vitae (plural)
  • ex-officio, with a hyphen
  • full-time, half-time, and part-time are hyphenated whether they precede or follow the noun
  • fund raising when used as a noun; fund-raising when used as an adjective
  • health care is always two words
  • in-depth, in-service when used as an adjective before the noun
  • multicampus, multidisciplinary, multifaceted
  • noncredit, not non-credit
  • nondegree, not non-degree
  • nonprofit, not non-profit
  • percent, not per cent
  • University-wide, system-wide, and campus-wide, but citywide, nationwide, statewide, worldwide
  • well-being
  • World Wide Web, website, web page, home page, Internet, webmaster, database, data file, debug, hard copy, input, log on, online
  • 3-D